Maria A Lewis DMD 
Gordon D Barfield

For New Patients

We are always excited to meet new patients for the first time! 

 Your initial complimentary visit to our offices will take approximately 30-60 minutes. After completion of your registration papers, you will have a complete orthodontic examination. After the examination, we will answer any questions you may have and address your specific orthodontic concerns and needs. We will discuss in general: a) the orthodontic problem, solutions, and your individual desires, b) the appropriate time/age for treatment, c) possible treatment options, d) any needed tooth removal, and e) general cost and payment scenarios. For those patients contemplating treatment, the next step would be to obtain diagnostic materials. Your orthodontic examination is complimentary. Patients electing to obtain diagnostic records at their first visit should be prepared to pay the diagnostic records fee at the time of service.

 Case diagnostic records will be thoroughly assessed by both Drs. Lewis and Barfield after they are gathered. The orthodontic diagnosis and recommendations are delivered at a separate administrative visit termed the "case presentation". This critical appointment will occur prior to beginning any type of treatment, and allows a thorough discussion of all relevant issues pertaining to the individual problem, treatment options and recommendations, timeframes, and all financial/payment concerns. 

 Patients and families can assist in the first visit appointment by arriving a few minutes early to complete papers, and by bringing any recent (one year old or less) panoramic radiograph available from their dentist.

 We are looking forward to meeting you; should you have any specific questions, please shoot us a quick e-mail here.


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